A different kind of “dual-country life”

What a crazy 3 months it’s been! I’ve been through quite a few significant life changes since I last wrote (house move, job move, relationship woes) and, as such, I have once again neglected this blog. I am committed to reversing that now, but I’ve had to have a serious think about how to re-focus.

When I started out I had a clear “niche” in mind – I was living a “dual country life”, splitting my life between two countries on a weekly basis, and I figured that was a cool niche. I could talk about how I prepared for the move, how I juggled two of everything (except job and boyfriend 😉), and of course details of what I was generally getting up to in London and discovering in Valencia. Then, after months of looking, I finally found a job in Spain, and within a few weeks I had packed up and made Valencia by “base” (although I will also still spend time in London). All great, but it left me wondering – “what’s my blog going to focus on now?”

Between registering as self-employed and trying to settle in at my new job, moving my earthly belongings, and being distracted by a guy (I know, so cliché), I didn’t really have a lot of time to think through how I would re-focus or write on the blog. But having given it some thought and finally made some time, both mentally and lifestyle-wise, I am ready to relaunch. From now on my blog is going to take on a more general “lifestyle” focus for the time being. Expect to continue to hear about what I am discovering in and around Valencia, details and tips of my journey with self-employment and remote working, and general musings on life and things I find interesting.

If you’re considering an international move, want to know more about Valencia, or interested in remote working, and there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear about – let me know. I made this blog to interact with people so don’t be shy!


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