I stepped up my job hunt! (a.k.a preparing for “one country life”)

Alicante in the morning

After spending every weekend since November in Valencia (except Christmas), I am more certain than ever that this is where I see myself living full time. One of my reasons for moving to a milder climate was for my health, and I have seen such a difference by spending time here – it’s been pretty amazing!

The lack of the cold and damp has meant less joint pain, and it makes me feel as if I have got my life back. I have been socialising rather than staying cooped-up in the house to keep my joints warm. The longer hours of sunlight each day has also really helped to keep my spirits up – no “winter blues” this year.

So, at the end of January I officially told my boss at my day job that I am going to be more proactive in looking for a job based in Spain; and now I have finally had some luck with being called for interviews – so I am asking all of you to keep your fingers crossed for me, and watch this space!

Henissi x

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