My first interview as a blogger!

Enjoying a coffee in Valencia city centre

Exciting news! My first interview as a blogger was posted last week!! You can listen to the podcast here.

I was surprised when, barely a month after starting my blog, I received an email notification via my website contact me form with an invitation to be interviewed. I only had 4 posts on my blog, but they focused on why I was moving to Valencia, and how to choose a location if you want to make a moved abroad (see the posts here and here), so I guess that focus is what piqued the interest of James Thomas, host of the podcast and website Four Seas One Family.

James is a New Yorker who is currently living in Taipei, Taiwan, and his podcast focuses on how expats from different nations adapt to their lives in a host nation and promoting “promote the exchanges of cultural understandings and interactions through an expat experience among people regardless of location, social class, religion, politics and other, even opposing, points of views and beliefs”.

I feel honoured to have my “baby blog” and my story so far featured on James’ podcast. I started this blog to share my experience of transitioning into expat life, and to help others who are thinking of doing the same thing to also make the move. I am not living in Spain full time yet, and one my main reasons for telling my story is that I want to show others that making this kind of change doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can “dip your toe in the water” or make the move in stages if your circumstances don’t allow for an immediate move.

My dual country life can at times be tiring; and traveling back and forth to be in Spain at weekends in in London mid-week can be tedious. But the experiences I am having, the friends I am making, and the yucky London weather I am avoiding make it worthwhile and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I still hope to make the move 100% by the time winter 2018 rolls around, and I hope you readers stick with me on this journey as I make my Valencian dream a reality.

Henissi xx

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