March 2019 update…

I can’t believe the last time I posted on here was in July! Let’s just say that summer here was too busy and I totally distracted myself with living, and didn’t make time for blogging. Slap on the wrist for me!

So here’s a quick update on the last… 9 (eek, 9!!) months:

  • Shortly after my last post I went on an unplanned last-minute trip to Sicily, then got serious in a relationship (cliché, get a BF and drop everything else. Shame on me!), then spent a chunk of the summer getting to know my BF’s family (in between trips to the beach, the zoo and the park). I was also not really enjoying the “great” new job that had given me a chance to move our here, so I was also job-hunting on the side.
  • After summer, not much was going on except work. I hadn’t been doing a lot that was blog-worthy. We had our very short “rainy season” in September and then in winter due to my Ehlers Danlos I am not really very active.
  • I have changed jobs! The job hunt finally paid-off in November. I finished at the old place a few weeks before Christmas, enjoyed a trip to London and family visiting me here in the run-up to Christmas, and I started my new job in the New Year. Perfect!

That’s really all there is to tell at the moment. The good news is Spring is springing and now is when I can get back to making the most of all that Valencia has to offer, and I promise to share!

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