Felices fiestas!!

That’s “happy holidays” in English 😉

Greetings from cold and icy London! I hope you, my few dear readers, have been having a great holiday season so far.

I feel so bad! I started my blog and then promptly disappeared on a Christmas hiatus. Between enjoying the party spirit in Valencia my last few weekends there (fun times were had!), and then coming back to London for Christmas with the fam, all my good intentions to get into a blogging routine by pre-scheduling posts were dashed!

It’s “Christmas”… I should just take a chill pill and enjoy this time with family and friends

I thought about frantically working over the next few days to “catch up” and published the posts I had planned before getting into a new “content calendar” in January; but then I realised this blog in mine and I am doing it as something to enjoy. I am a “personal blogger”, not a professional whose blog is her business. This is not work, I am on a self-imposed deadline, and it’s “Christmas” –  I should just take a chill pill and enjoy this time at back with family and friends I haven’t seen properly for months.

Just for fun, here are a few photos of my “Christmas 2017”:

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I’ve been in London for over a week and it felt so weird not jetting off back to Valencia last weekend. I caught up with family and a couple of friends. I didn’t get to see everyone I had hoped to (sorry guys!) which is a shame but I have enjoyed being back. That said I can’t wait to head back to the warmer climes of Valencia tomorrow and get all prepped for New Year’s Eve. I am really looking forward to experiencing NYE Spanish style and starting off 2018 as I mean to continue – in Spain! 

Anyhoo… this is a bit of a random post, but really I am just writing to say I haven’t abandoned my blog already, and to give myself permission to let go of the planned posts I had for the second half of December and head into 2018 with a clean slate.

How was your festive season? Did you have fun?

Henissi xx

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