February 2018 update

Sorry! I have been AWOL from the blog for a while and you might have been wondering what happened to me. I have been super-busy these last few weeks and I haven’t found time to update you on what’s been going on, so here’s a quick run-down on my life, mi vida, for February 2018.

  1. I am still “living in” 2 countries

The back and forth between London and Valencia has continued, and I am such a regular at the airports (Gatwick and Valencia) that the staff recognise me and some even know me by name! I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) hypermobility type, which affects my joints (instability and pain) and causes me to get tired quite easily. Because of EDS the long walks and standing in lines at airports, and the steps from the ground up into the plane are sometimes too much for me; to make my life easier I get special assistance with a wheelchair and help onto the plane at airports.

It’s been a bit tiring, and expensive travelling so frequently. Taxi fares/airport parking costs were killing me!! So I will be putting the brakes on travelling so frequently from the beginning of March and spending a bit more time in London – it’s been weird not seeing most of my UK friends for 4 months so it will be nice to catch up.

  1. I am loving my social life in Valencia

February saw the return of more social activity following a quiet period after Christmas and the New Year – everyone is broke in January!!

In February I was more active with my favourite “meet ups”: Beer O’clock, Chicas de Valencia and Girls in Valencia. I cannot recommend Facebook and Meetup.com enough when it comes to establishing a social life here. Through these groups I have found things to do when I fancy getting out of the house, developed some great friendship that have moved beyond just the organised events, and I have even become an event organiser for the first two groups I mentioned above.

  1. Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year Parade in Valencia
Chinese New Year Parade in Valencia

When I am in London, I never go up into the city centre for the parades that mark the big events of the year – from where I live it seems to take roughly an hour to go everywhere door to door (even though it’s only about 20-27 minutes on the train from my local station). In Valencia it’s different, I can be in the city centre in 15 minutes after a short bus-ride so I make the effort to go along and I went up to see the Chinese New Year parade in Plaza Ayuntamiento on 17 February

To be honest, I was expecting a bit more. From where I was standing I couldn’t really see much – somehow I managed to stand exactly where the floats all parked up at the end of the parade route so I didn’t have the best view. It also started to rain! A pretty rare occurrence in Valencia, so I can’t complain that much, but it meant that the crowd dispersed pretty quickly.

I did get to take one half-decent few pic though.


  1. I visited Castellón for the first time

I took my first road-trip out of the city and went to Castellón for a day.

Like Valencia and Alicante, “Castellón” can refer to either the province within the Comunidad Valenciana, or the city of which is the capital of the province (full name Castellón de la Plana). I am talking about the city.

Sculture outside the Mercado Central in Castellon
Sculpture outside the Mercado Central in Castellón

My first flatmate here in Valencia was from Castellón and I have another friend who is from there, so I was excited to go. I only did a short day-trip on a Sunday so I didn’t see much of what the city has to offer from a tourist perspective, but if you go there I would advise you to check out:

  • The main city square and the Mercado Central for the architecture
  • Puerto de Castellón (the port) – great for a drink by the sea and a fresh seafood lunch


So those are the highlights of my February weekends in VLC. I will now try to get back into blogging more regularly and sharing the story of My Life, Mi Vida…

Henissi x

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