About me

Hello! I’m Henissi, and I am so glad to meet you!

Since you have stumbled across/taken the time to visit my blog let me tell you a bit more about me.

Cocktail at sunset at Marina Beach Club in Valencia
Evening cocktail at one of my favourite summer hang-outs – Marina Beach Club

Here are the highlights:

  • 30-something
  • British
  • Living in London mid-week and in Valencia (Spain) at the weekends
  • Day job – “something corporate” that I do mainly from home in London
  • Passions – “social-butterflying”, travel, books, music,  stationery (I just love the stuff!!), personal development

This blog is where I share my experience of planning, establishing and maintaining my dual-country lifestyle between the UK and Spain.

“So how did you end up living in London and Valencia?” I hear you ask.

The short(ish) version goes like this:

I’m a born and bred London girl but last year (2016) I decided that since I was still single and “untethered” by children or a mortgage at the ripe old age of 34 I might as well take the plunge and do something adventurous and interesting with my life. I studied Spanish in high school but then never used it. I would have loved to have taken a gap year after university and gone to travel South America or something like that, but I never did and I forgot most of my Spanish. So, my first thought upon asking myself “What’s something you always wanted t do but never did?” was – take a career-break to spend 3-6 months in Spain to “become fluent” in Spanish! But as I thought about things more I realised that I could actually just move to Spain… as in really move to Spain. So that’s what I decided to do.

Roll on roughly 18 months and things haven’t exactly worked out to be that simple (when do they ever?), but in a way they have turned out even more interesting.

I couldn’t just up an quit my job to move to Spain full time and my employer turned down my request for a transfer so right now I am living a kind of hybrid part-time expat life – or as I like to call it, my “dual country-lifestyle”.

I “moved” to Valencia in February 2017 by renting a room and frequently coming out for long-weekends and a few holidays. I now travel between Valencia and London so I can be in London for work mid-week but make the most of my free time (and the better weather) in Valencia at weekends. I still hope to make the full move one day and working towards doing that is one of the things I will be sharing on this blog!

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British part-time expat living in both London, UK (mid-week) and Valencia, Spain (at the weekends). I write about maintaining my dual-country lifestyle, remote working and exploring what Valencia has to offer.